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Monday, February 13, 2006

four wheel drive and drop ceilings

We had a snow day yesterday. It started snowing Saturday afternoon, and it managed to keep doing it until Sunday afternoon, resulting in about eight inches of snow in our driveway-- pretty astonishing for this area. I finally got to use my four wheel drive. Admittedly, it was just to drive to 7-11 for some rock salt, but still! My car (a 2006 Ford Escape) was my birthday present this year (and for the next ten years, Don says), so it's still brand new and it was super-exciting to get to drive it in the kind of weather I learned to drive in. My mom, back in Washington, has had snowfall pretty constantly since October. This is the first hint of snow we've seen all year. All in all, I much prefer Baltimore. I like snow, but not THAT much. Here's a picture of me complaining about it.

Anyway, we had to find SOMETHING to do to take up our lazy Sunday. So we took down the drop ceiling in the office. First we had to gear up and put on our face masks:

face mask me face mask don

Then we took down the ceiling, tile by tile (actually Don took it down, I held the garbage bags for him to put the tiles in):

action shot

And were totally unprepared for what we found within:

old alarm clock vintage video camera

That's right, Don's grandmother had hidden away an alarm clock and a vintage video camera in the ceiling. It was like finding pirate gold.


Anonymous said...

So...does that old camera work? It would be cool to film a movie on it. haha


Jamaila said...

We're not sure. We want to take it to someplace that can develop the film that's currently inside it to see if there are any ancient family videos on it, though.