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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

no one here but us sleepy kitties

I have no updates for you. The upstairs bathroom is not yet demolished, the attic is still full of trash, the stairs are covered in plaster, and we haven't heard back from HVAC guy (surprise!).

Also, Don has the flu, and I have three proposals and an office move to deal with. So all I can give you right now is this picture of a sleepy kitty:



Gene said...

Cute kitty! (We have two.)

I hope you're all feeling better and get that pesky work stuff dealt with soon.

Summer said...

preeettyy kitttyyy...

gratuitous cat pictures are always welcome in my book.

Hope you are all better soon.

Sandy said...

Love the sleepy kitty - I have two, also (and gratuitous kitty pictures are definitely welcome in my book)!! Give the sleepy kitty a scratch for me.