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Friday, December 29, 2006

my preciousssss

We ordered this stove yesterday. It'll be delivered on January 19th, which is the weekend that Don and his dad will be finishing up the structural work and making room for it in the kitchen.

It's so beautiful! *sniff*


johnny dollar said...

verry nahs!

we got stainless stuff too, you gotta keep it wiped down or it looks kinda grungy.,.,.

Broadsheet said...

oooooh - pretty!! Please tell me it'sself cleaning?

Jamaila said...

j$: We are grungy people, so it's okay. It'll probably only ever be spotless when my mother visits. ;)

BS: Of course it's self cleaning! Can you imagine me cleaning an oven? ;)

quietnightwing said...

Oooh beautiful!!!

You mean you'd clean a stove for me? I'm deeply moved!

And what is the "Star-K certified sabbath mode" in the product description? Is this for making religious offerings? Chicken soup?

Charissa said...

Love the Lord of the Rings reference. Very funny... love the stove, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Michael says, I bought a Maytag double oven over a year ago, you know, pumpkin pie in top, turkey in bottom at same time. All the in-laws are very jealous. Isn't that what we all strive for, after all? Is this a great country or what? The temple of our home.