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Friday, November 10, 2006

fifteen places i have found my cat hiding recently

1. My pajama drawer.
2. The box our towels are stored in.
3. The access hatch to the plumbing for the bathtub in the downstairs bathroom.
4. The box my laptop came in.
5. Under the chair in front of my cutting table.
6. Behind the treadmill.
7. Behind the shower curtain next to the bathtub.
8. Inside the bathtub.
9. Under the blankets on the couch.
10. On the front screen porch when Don left the door open.
11. On the back screen porch when Don left the door open.
12. The pantry.

13. Under the table the power tools are on in the construction area.
14. The upstairs closet, under the dining room chairs.
15. Under the basement stairs.


danielle said...

Hi. Saw you on blogtimore. Your cat is adorable. I hope s/he doesn't give my cat any new hiding spot ideas. Gizmo likes backpacks, laundry piles, and empty beer cases.

Stephanie said...

Hey Stranger, we havent talked to you guys in a while! We should make plans to get together sometime!

Anything fun and exciting happening your way?

Anonymous said...


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