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Friday, July 28, 2006

tell me what you think

So my mother is convinced that our house is a California Bungalow.

What do you think, Internet?

I'm sure my mom will have a great deal more to say about the house when she visits this weekend and sees that I've been running barefoot through the construction zone that is the center of the house. Not to mention the jungle that the yard has become -- I anticipate at least three offers of gardening help by the time she is halfway up the driveway.

Anyway. While my mom and I are off eating a fabulous brunch at Turf Valley, I'd like to know everyone's opinion about the Great Architecture Debate. Comment away!


John said...

My thought is that it's a bungalow.

If you're at the bookstore, see if they have a copy of A Field Guide to American Houses (Paperback)
by Virginia McAlester, Lee McAlester.

It's a good guide for id'ing American house styles.

Greg said...

I would say it was a bungalow at one time. The shed dormer says "Bungalow" to me. It has been modified to the point that it has become an "American Short Hair".

My house was a Queen Anne until they took away or covered up most of the things that made it a Queen Anne in the first place. I've been bringing it back slowly but surely.

StuccoHouse said...

Bungalow. Pitched roof, wide-ish eaves, shed dormer, front porch. I think the added siding & enclosed porch may make it look a little less bungalow like. What year was it built?

Laurie said...

I'd say Bungalow BEFORE the enclosed front porch. An enclosed porch is very non-california. ;)

Jamaila said...

SH: It was built in 1920, which makes bungalow even more reasonable, as apparently that was the peak of their construction.

Laurie: The enclosed front porch is a later addition -- as Clan Brinkley grew, they found they needed more space, and at one point what is now the living room turned into Grandma and Grandpa's bedroom and all that was left for a living room was the front porch! So it's enclosed now. We plan to take it back to its glory days, though, and take out the enclosure.

Summer said...

Take off the enclosure and it's definitely a bungalow! That's my favorite kind of house. I'd love to own a Craftsman Bungalow, like you see all over Arlington, VA, but, well... they cost a lot more now than they used to!!!